Perth County Branch

Ontario Genealogical Society

24 St. Andrew St.
Stratford, ON
N5A 1A3



    -1866-1996 assessment books available in Listowel Archives
    -1858 Collector's Roll "NEW" - See Publications Page
    -Council minutes and bylaws also available for most years in Listowel Archives.

    -Augusta Evangelical Line 87 Road 167 Con 3 Lot 36
    -Brotherston Mennonite Line 89 Con 7 Lot 45
    -Fairview Davidson St. Listowel
    -Mt. Pleasant United Line 88 Con 5 Lot 4
    -St. James Lutheran Trecastle Line 90 Con 9 Lot 4
    -St. Pauls Anglican Shipley Line 88 Con 5 Lot 33
    -St. Pauls Lutheran Gowanstown Line 88 Con 5 Lot 30
    -Trinity Lutheran Kurtzville Line 88 Con 5 Lot 51
    -Woodlawn (Old Listowel) Hwy 86 Con 1 Lot 37
    -Zion Methodist Cairn Line 89 Con 6 Lot 4
    -Zion United Line 89 Con 6 Lot 31

    *All cemeteries are transcribed and available for research in Stratford and Listowel Archives. All transcriptions are also available for purchase from Perth OGS. See publication list for prices.

    -No census prior to 1861
    -1861-1901 microfilm. Indexed at Stratford and Listowel, *Some Head of House and Spouse indexes available from Perth OGS. See publication list.

    -1858-1869 Marriage Register Index at all Archives branches
    *Original registration microfilm at all branches
    -1852-59 Perth Co. BMD Index by D. Walker at all branches
    -1869-1873 Marriage Registration Index by J. Stewart. All branches
    -Wesleyan Methodist Baptisms Vol 1-4 microfilm. Index available from Perth OGS. See publication list for prices.

    Christ Church Anglican
    Parish Register 1874-1888, 1906

    Lebanon Pastoral
    Baptisms 1940-1962
    Marriages 1940-1969
    Burials 1940-1949

    Listowel Evan. United
    Marriages 1915-1967

    Baptisms 1855-1958
    Marriages 1886-1940
    Memberships 1885-1958

    Listowel Meth/Wallace
    Baptisms 1906-1941
    Marriages 1906-1931, 1913-1938
    Deaths 1906-1942
    Membership 1910-1926

    Listowel United/Wallace
    Baptisms 1942-1966
    Marriages 1938-1965
    Burials 1949-1966

    Listowel United Brethren
    Marriages 1896-1924

    St. Pauls Lutheran Wallace
    Baptisms 1864-1871, 1886-1976
    Marriages 1896-1944, 1944-1975, 1975-1991
    Deaths 1864-1910, 1886-1976
    Confirmations 1866-1921, 1887-1976
    Communicants 1864-1869, 1886-1976
    *Records for St. Pauls Lutheran contain both early Wallace records and Listowel records.

    Trinity Unit/Wallace
    Baptisms 1942-1966
    Marriages 1938-1965
    Burials 1949-1966
    *Wallace and Listowel records are combined in these holdings in Listowel.

    Wallace Circuit Evan.
    Baptisms 1877-1954
    Marriages 1889-1967,1897-1968
    Burials 1938-1954
    Membership 1889-1940

    -Magnified Memories Wallace History 1850's-1990 $20.
    *Available at Stratford & Listowel Archives
    -Centennial at Listowel $ 5. *available Stratford & Listowel
    -Wallace by Vera McNichol ( out of print)
    -History of Perth County 1825-1902 (out of print)
    -History of Perth to 1967 $20.available at all Archive branches
    -History of Perth County 1967-2003 $15.00 available at all Archive branches
    -Perth County 1879 Historical Atlas (out of print)
    -1982 Perth County Atlas $80.
    *available Stratford & Listowel
    -Paths of History Perth & Huron (out of print)

    *All out of print books available for research in Stratford and Listowel Archives branches.

    -Stratford Weekly Beacon 1855-1890's microfilm
    -Stratford Weekly Herald 1855-1890's microfilm
    -Stratford Times 1876-1894 microfilm
    -Listowel Banner 1867-1984 microfilm
    -Listowel Banner 1985-present microfiche
    -Listowel Standard 1878-1944 microfilm
    -Atwood Bee 1890-1923 microfilm
    *Stratford newspapers only in Stratford. Indexed to 1890's.
    *Listowel and Atwood microfilms in both Stratford & Listowel. Completely indexed in Listowel and up to 1918 in Stratford.
    -Bur-Mor Publications Indexed; pre 1900 Stratford papers and all Atwood Bee. Available in all branches of Archives.
    -TWEEDSMUIR Histories
    -North Perth District W.I.
    -Peace Branch W.I.
    -Mary Wallace W.I.
    -Listowel West W. I.
    -Gowanstown W.I.
    *all are on microfilm
    *Photocopied scrapbooks and Tweedsmuir farm histories also available in Listowel Archives.

    -Wallace original applications microfilm only at Stratford branch. No index.

    -Indexes of registrations are on microfilm and available in all three Branches as follows:
    Births 1914 Marriages 1929 Deaths 1939

    Stratford Perth Archives Listowel Branch
    260 W. Main St.
    Listowel Public Library
    Listowel ON N4W 1A1

    Open Mon-Fri. 1-5 p.m. Closed all statutory holidays. A research fee is in effect for non Perth residents of $5.00 daily or $20. yearly valid at all Archives branches.

    Since 1998 the Township of Wallace is part of the Town of North Perth.

    The Branch is indebted to our Past Chair, Lynda Greve, for her painstaking work, in assembling ALL of these references by Township.
    May we suggest that you use these, by printing the page, that can then be used as a check list in your research.
    Keep watching for further Wallace resources updates


    Revised 8th August, 2011